Take advantage of your XBI credits efficiently by acquiring your regular products by partial payment in credits.

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From the remodeling of an office to building a complete industrial structure, all this by excellent constructers for an unbeatable price.
For more information: coordconstruccion@yahoo.com.mx

Maintenance, Public Accounting, Structured cable installation and more.
For more information: coordservicios@yahoo.com.mx

Electronic Billboards, Models and advertisers, Cable commercials, local, regional, national and continental on important networks.
For more information: coordinadormedios@yahoo.com.mx

Web Services:
The internet has become an indispensable tool for today's business. What better way to enter the internet world than with a partial payment.

Associates and Finders:
Chaul Mart, SA de CV is one of our associates since November 2010.
(5255) 5049-3177 al 80
For more information: www.chaul.net